in process of an EXIT SCAM as of November 23rd 2018 stealing your identity with your address and now your government ID

Current status: in process of EXIT SCAM as of November 23rd 2018 (11/23/2018)  GOOD 

updated 11/23/2018: If you pay or invest via Paypal, contact paypal or create a resolution ticket for Paypal to help you get your capital investment back, you have only up to 180 days from the day that you paid. It’s a simple process through paypal, indicating that you haven’t received the item yet.

Do not send clickeny your government ID. It’s a knonw ponzi scheme in the past that how these types of projects ran and operate. Initially they paid little very little, including paypal unverified account to lure and trick people in believing to invest and get more people involve to give them money. As time goes by where they see no profit to be made, they move to next plan, and the plan usually involve last minutes exist scheme by providing reason for not being able to pay and ask for verification like ID with your taking pictures of yourself holding your ID etc. You can do the ID verification with bank or stock exchange or larger known companies but do not do this with clickeny, their domain expires in a few months. If you send them your government ID you are in danger of Identity theft and they will use your ID to do fraudulent activities under your ID.

Important Update!
We are sorry to announce that we migtht not be able to make payments today, unfailenly payments will be processed next week thursday no matter the situation of the market.

We are against users with multiple accounts, so we have taken measures to prevent this by introducing a KYC verification.

Send us an email to [email protected] including the following documents:
Government Issued ID Card With Same Name On Your Account

Once we have verified your account, we can then process your payment next week.