David Peterson will be doing live stream later this week November 15th 2018 David Peterson will be doing live stream later this week November 15th 2018
Terrible price on arb coins tokens and so are many other cryptos price are crashing, no christmas present for you this year, and may not be for a while.

On Tuesday, November 13, 2018, 1:28:22 PM EST, David Peterson (ARB) wrote:

Just sending you an update/recap.
First off I will be doing a live stream later this week. It will most likely be short notice so stay tuned as I will email a few hours ahead of time.
This has been a CRAZY couple weeks for ARB. The Crypto Conference was amazing and truly unbelievable!! Winning the biggest award possible there with the Sharks who have been in crypto for a VERY long time.
We continue to be proactive in protecting the platform but also bringing more mainstream legitimacy as we demonstrate our bots working in action at conferences.
BUT, we can only reach so many at these conferences and I want to bring it to the masses. So I am happy to announce we have been contacting auditing firms to come in and certify that our bots do exactly what they say they do.
Since getting home from Las Vegas and taking a bit of downtime with my family we have been cranking away with system improvements and new features.
I want to thank you all for the suggestions you have been sending in, please keep them coming. This is OUR platform we have built together and we constantly strive to improve it.
We have only just begun!
David Peterson
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David Peterson (ARB)

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