YouTube partner channels, the BTC public testing is almost complete YouTube partner channels, the BTC public testing is almost complete message for those that believe in the project.

On Monday, November 12, 2018, 8:08:41 PM EST, NovaChain wrote:

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Dear NOVACHAIN Investors,
As many of you may have already noticed via our YouTube partner channels, the BTC public testing is almost complete. We are happy to report all the new features have been thoroughly tested and function as expected.

Frankly we have been shocked how the news about the BTC masternode and pairing spread so quickly. Our user base has been expanding quite rapidly and the volume of capital being infused into the project has escalated substantially. Token prices have increased more than 50% in the last few days alone.

In order to show our appreciation to our new and existing clients, we are working hard to apply the last security patches to the new BTC site platform. We will conclude our final tests within the next few days and begin the official countdown timer on our homepage by weeks end.

If history repeats, we anticipate significant price appreciation with this launch. We want to encourage our current community to wrap up any final purchases you wish to make before the official timer begins its countdown and the newcomers bring additional FOMO.

That said, if you are considering selling any of your tokens, it might be advantageous to place higher sell order prices than normal. This will help insulate your profit potential and supply liquidity for the expected demand the new incoming crowd will likely bring.

Best regards,



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