Comparing vs which one is safer to invest your money long term?

Comparing vs which one is safer to invest your money long term?
I read one message from telegram chat group, and I don’t think this person is lover or hater for both platform, nor is he getting paid to say such thing. I also think the same between and There are more transparency with then Novachain, no one ever met a representative of let alone the owner face what he/she look like, although some said they have talked to owner before on voice but never in real life or in picture video conference, so it could be anyone. With at least someone like David Peterson is taking a step up and make himself visible transparent as the owner CEO of, chances are will last longer than and most likely will gain more trust from users than The reason for is because if something were to happened like exit scam, chances are someone is going to jail and we have the face of that person, and perhaps that person is ready to go to jail, who knows, maybe he’s not keeping his money, he’s making that money for someone else up top as a favor for something, who knows.

So far arbitraging is the most truthful, transparent,undoubted platform in the space of crypto
I just made some comparison with other of my investments .I now see that arb is the only platform which price is far more greater than its ICO price.
Dropil=this can’t even maintain its ICO price talk less of giving that higher profit to its investors
Crystal token=emmidiatly after ICO they formed a very dubious IE which will not even attract a wise investor to put his money in.
Novachain=this is very scary.not even the CEO or the platform is transparent, IMO this has all the indices of scam.
Arbitraging=the king in the space,the platform where every body is happy,caring for the community, and has all potentials of growing.
David=the king,the hero,the conqueror, a very trustworthy person, the enemy crusher,he gat no fear,he stand tall like a statue of liberty,very dependable.
Arb nation, pls which among all of the above are you going to invest in?your answers are needed.thanks for the advice.