today profit 0.69% = 1.39ARB @ $11.30 = $15.71 pretty consistent today profit 0.69% = 1.39ARB @ $11.30 = $15.71 pretty consistent.

Very consistent with this platform on your earning. The algorithm as I understand it more, aBot is the best investment, not mBot – for professional only and if you really have time, not buying ARB and hold it’s a risk, it could go up real high or could crash and burned but with aBot you’re pretty much safe, don’t matter if the price fluctuate day of days and days, just take your profit sell it to ETH and be happy at average 0.7% of your total USD invested, you don’t have to worry about anything else, don’t need to check the price or worry about the price or anything like that, just login once a few days to sell your ARB to ETH and with withdraw ETH to wallet and sell for cash same day.