ARB World Crypto Conference Token Tank has started and we’re live

Look like just now the (World Crypto Conference) Token Tank is happening now. However it’s not David Peterson to speak yet. Hopefully the result is good enough to make the price of ARB to go up a bit back to $12, because currently it’s heading for $9. The reason for $9 I think pretty obvious people loosing trust and immediately after David Peterson had decided not to give the speech or presentation about as scheduled for 1 hour 10am to 11am or so, as a result people have fear and uncertainty so they took some profit by stopping aBot and sell their ARB to ETH. However chances are they will not be able to withdraw ETH as it seems like had frozen all withdrawal of ETH for today, meaning it will stay in pending status for today whatever you’ve sold ARB to ETH and request ETH withdrawal. website and platform appears to be stable now, it is online, a bit slow though.

We are now just waiting for David Peterson to present, it’s being setup and more people are coming in. The price of ARB appears to stabilized at $10, just waiting for David Peterson to present, result could push it up or drop down further, will have to wait and see. Surprisingly not too many people there at the Token Tank, lots of empty seats.

David Peterson was on stage, and present just a little bit about, then answered some of the questions the panel has. Off course the question tied to how the business make money and team members.  David talked about bots, creating bots, smart bots, to arbitrage. Answering question about compliance and so on.