My Arbitraging first earning Today’s Profit (ARB) 2.61 based on a 10ETH investments

Just a quick update, I just checked my dashboard and my first earning is showing up in the aBot of dashboard “Today’s Profit (ARB)” 2.61 and the current price of ARB is at $4.60 so that’s a total of $12 at the moment. Now the earning total $ will change as the price of ETH and ARB changes, it could be higher, it could be lower, no one really know, but only speculation. The more people believe in it, the more people invest, the higher the value will go up. Until that one day where people no longer believe and no longer invest then the platform will be no longer profitable.

I don’t know if there’s any other platform out there that have pretty good earning like this, the earning is like “0.62 % Today Profit” that’s 19% profit a month. No bank will give you this rate. I was doing lending on Poloniex and the highest I ever got was 0.25% but Poloniex is real and I get paid until they announced earlier this year they will close down lending and margin platform. However lately I’ve been getting 0.05% average lending profit every 2 days or so, but it’s consistent and pretty much safe since I’ve done business with poloniex for many years.

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