ARB coin had big jump now loss half its value

Yesterday Oct. 6th 2018, ARB coin was like $10, then dropped to $4 today Oct. 7th 2018. I think what probably happened was some big investors went in and make a very big investment purchase pushing the price way up, then the old investors saw opportunity and took advantage to sell and take hundreds to thousands percent profit. I believe mostly the early adopter, the one that bought in very cheap like pennies, and now it’s $10, that’s thousands percent gain why not sell right?

As for new investors like me into will feel a bit disappointed, scare, fear, uncertainty and so on. Since we don’t know if the price will keep dropping or will it pick up again, going up again soon. Soon is a big word, as some may say soon pigs will have wings and fly away.

There are a few good videos on youtube that have frequent update in regard to using

What I noticed about these youtube videos about is that most if not all the live stream broadcaster youtuber have no history except the youtube account is kind of brand new or does not have any videos about who they are or their personal life prior to, basically the youtube videos of these people that talk about started their first video with talking about, it almost seems like they want to remain anonymous just in case something happen all people know would be their face on youtube not their real identity.

Anyway, after trying many HYIP, SCAM,MLM, including Bitconnect, here I am again trying something similar but I think this platform will last for a longer time. Especially the mBot released which tied to how aBot work, but still pretty skeptical. Will just have to keep a close eye on and know when to stop if you can.

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