giving it a try after some research

**latest update :

Above link is my affiliate link to if you invest under my affiliate link I will get 5% and that’s it, nothing else, no such thing as multi-level like bitttttttttconnnnnnect.

After I did my research, googling for scam, a lot of articles indicate it’s a scam exiting one day, but that one day is unknown could be months or perhaps years. I have tried bitconnect before invested $100 and got to $500 profit but never withdraw and today I loss all $500 on bitconnect since it worth pennies today. appears to be a little different from bitconnect although still some similarities, but probably will last longer than bitconnect.

I went for it anyways invested 10ETH. I deposit 10ETH

At the time Oct. 6th 2018 10ETH worth $2300. By the time it got into showing I have $1900, I believe after I bought ARB from internal exchange. I think I have like 385 ARB and the value at the moment for 1 ARB is $4.50, so I my balance in USD is $1700. So as you can see I went from $2300 to $1700 within 24hours, but I think it have to do with ETH price, the fee is like 0.2% I think.

Anyhow, I set it for 7 days with 100% reinvest. According to the calculator I should have $138 extra after 7 days from my 10ETH. The day to check this is on Oct. 13 2018. I will also try to withdraw to my ETH wallet to see if it work.

The initial problem I ran into is the Deposit Address was not clickable, and I did some research and found out the USA IPs most if not all got blocked for deposit to the arbitraging platform. The way to bypass this is to use proxy or vpn. I use the free VPN from google chrome and connected to Great Britain country IP and voila! it work deposit went through. Now after I did that, I found out that I may have problem later withdrawing the coins if the IP is different, will find out on Oct. 13. 2018.

**** Just want to make a correction, it’s not the IP address that need to be the same, it’s the MEW or Metawallet address that need to be same. It’s the wallet address that I use to transfer the ETH coins to Arbitraging platform, when I move back, it need to be the same. This is according to the Telegram chat by a few users confirmed this. Will see on Oct. 13, 2018

Stay tuned for an update.

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