Lied making up stories and updates “Bitconnect referral community update”

I hope people don’t fall for this update from they are liar. Making you to believe that you will get random referrals. They are taking your bonus money and not giving you a single referral, then continue to make you believe that you will get sponsor. They have multiple accounts with and randomly making it appear on their website. They’re making up stories and updates saying that their list is long and haven’t reach to everyone yet, but the truth is no one ever got any referrals. They’re just making you to believe you will get referrals automatically.

The worst thing about this is, now don’t even allow you change sponsor, once you registered under this scam sponsor you’re stuck. The only way is to create a new account, too late on the old account your bonus money giving to the scammer forever and ever. scam your bonus money fraud stealing your referral bonuses reinvestment hacking your bitconnect account scam your bonus money fraud stealing your referral bonuses

From: Bitconnect Referrals <[email protected]>
Sent: Sunday, December 3
Subject: Bitconnect referral community update

When we launched the Bitconnect referral community three weeks ago we never expected to grow as fast as we did. We have around 800 visitors per day on the website and more than 200 members have already joined the community. The total active lending balance is above $400.000! Although the statistics look great, we unfortunately have some issues that we need to address. With this email we want to inform you about the changes we are going implement.
Referral link

With the last update we introduced the referral link system. It was meant as a way to invite a friend or family member to the community, but at this moment members are promoting their link all over the internet. At first we didn’t have a problem with this, but now we see that this has some undesirable consequences. Almost 80% of new members join through a referral link, because of this other members need to wait extremely long before they receive a referral. We need to fix this situation as soon as possible, because people who don’t spam their referral link lose faith in this service, which is bad for all of us. The purpose of this community is to allow Bitconnect members to earn referrals only by sponsoring someone of the community, and not by spamming their referral link, this can already be done with the normal Bitconnect referral link.
In an attempt to fix this we will update the system to allow only 2 registrations with a referral link per member per month. You will still be able to invite a friend from time to time, but most of the new referrals will be for members waiting in the queue. With this we hope to speed up our queue again, so members will receive referrals faster. This change will take into effect within 48 hours.

We notice that many (potential) members don’t completely trust this service. To solve this we are thinking about ways to make the service more transparent. The main thing we are going to implement is a visualization of the queue, so everybody can see how it works and where in the queue they are. Besides that we are going to improve the content on our website, so it becomes much more clear how the queue works. We will publish these changes at the same time as the updates to the referral link system.

To get more new visitors to the website we will launch advertisement campaigns on social media and search engines. We are working on a strategy and once we’ve updated the website we will start the campaigns. We have created a budget for this. If you would like to help and promote the Bitconnect referral community you can make a donation to our BTC or BCC address listed below, this will be greatly appreciated by the whole community. We will provide evidence on how all the donations are spent.
BTC: 1DZ95gr4QyGjhnsxudjV48nUPs4tJecX2o
BCC: 8LoqRLUPy786HiQHx9ZeToyzG2JStsTCtP

If you have any ideas about how we can improve the Bitconnect referral community, build more trust or generate more traffic to the website, you can email us at [email protected], we would love to hear from you!