is a scam do not register

I gave it a try using because I don’t want to spam people with my bitconnect referral links so I use thinking it may work and might help me get more referrals.

Guess what? it’s a lied, scam, fraud. I should have listened to those on reddits saying this is a scam taking your money and run away. This person creating that site has been spamming the internet everywhere where bitconnect post are with his/her link referral especially on reddit now littered with this site scam site

So how does it work? said they will drive traffic to get people sign up under your bitconnect referrals and you will get money from registration investments deposit and reinvest. I tried with $100 and it’s been 2 months I have not gotten a single sign up and today said that they have over 300k people sign up and already 50 people signed up today.

Do not fall for this scam. They will take your referral bonuses and run away. Luckily I can remove their sponsor and added my friend into it before I invested $10010 on it, now my friend got $500 bonus instead of the scam If were to be honest, they would have gotten $500 bonus from my $10010 investment and now I got my friends in and he’s referring others I’m getting money bonuses from his team back and forth.

Once again, do not use they are a scammer taking your bonus money, and run away, nothing you can do. They will not respond to your message. will keep creating more and more bitconnect account daily so that they more multiple bitconnect account to randomly added to their website so people think it’s randomly real. scam your bonus money fraud stealing your referral bonuses reinvestment hacking your bitconnect account scam your bonus money fraud stealing your referral bonuses

Latest update: * appears to have disabled you from changing your sponsor, however you can contact bitconnect to default your sponsor to bitconnect, but probably cannot change to another person. You can create a new account might be better alternative.