WannaCry ransomware increased the price of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin surged lately had something to do with the “WannaCry ransomware“? I think yes.

My personal opinion is yes it does, because the ransomware required payment of Bitcoin and in order to get Bitcoin people would have to buy it from real currencies whether it’s USD or EURO. When people buy Bitcoin, the price of Bitcoin will increase. However it doesn’t appear to increase that much though which is pretty interesting, wondering if that ransomware really did any damage as the new news media indicated.

Or perhaps the ransomware occurred many days back even a week started and during that time where coinbase and other similar exchanges had an unexpected new users would like to buy bitcoin in order to unencrypt their computer.

The ransomware basically locked up the user’s computer hard drive making it impossible to access unless ransome is paid from $10 to average $300 and the price increased each day if ransom is not paid. This pertain to each individual computer, so if we’re talking about one thousand, that’s $300,000 easy money for the hacker or hackers.

On a side note, it’s pretty simple to protect yourself from ransomware, don’t use windows, well it can be a joke but most people are on windows so to protect yourself just buy $40 a year subscription to malwarebytes or webroot, they’re the cheapest and light weight.

wannacry ransomware increased the price of bitcoin
wannacry ransomware increased the price of bitcoin