CNN website news videos have the most annoying advertisement commercial

CNN News website ( is my only favorite and most trustful website for me to get news, although it’s not local but help me greatly to know what’s going on around the world. However the only issue I have is the videos news have super loud commercial advertisements (ads). I don’t know if CNN does this on purpose for ads commercial to play super loud while their news video volume is like less than 1/2 of the loud ads commercial played. Could also be their audio engineer people don’t pay attention to optimize the volume to be consistent.

Or could also be just me, but I’ve tried or used on different computers and the same thing occurred. CNN really need to look into this fix their audio volume to be consistent with the ads volume. Some night I forgot about this and was watching one of the news videos on CNN website, I clicked on the video to watch, couldn’t hear so I up the volume and after the video finished playing the advertisement or ads came on and it woke up my whole house because the advertisement ads was so loud like 100% louder than the news videos. news have super loud ads for their videos news have super loud ads for their videos