BRO a scam to be?

Updated: 5/30/2017 – As time goes by, based on the latest posts on many forums including bitcointalk and official site itself, users are loosing faith on this project More and more users are loosing faith and hope that BRO coin will be the next big thing.The concept sounds cool, but both miner (radio listeners to earn coins) and crowd sale purchased folks are loosing hope faith, they’re selling BRO coins as fast as they can at the moment, however there doesn’t appear to be any buyer. Even crowd sale ICO folks with master node have mixed feeling about this project.


Based on the latest post from a user from  from This user made a very good point below. It is true that we don’t know the developer, although the website appear to be legit and someone had put some a mount of time on it, at least in theory it’s a new type of Crypto currencies, and I’m sure there will be more to come. or so call BRO, you don’t mine it, you earn it by listening to radio stations from the website. The earned coin then send to your wallet. As time passed by the developer or owner moving from one stage to another, including the latest of ICO so call beta test letting the users buy the initial 25,000 coins offering based on weight average. Now if this turn out to be a scam, then the owner would have a bunch of bitcoin through the Beta test of ICO, if that’s not enough the owner will go for out of Beta which will offer more coins to be purchased via Bitcoin, and the owner can just end it there and disappear, no one can do anything. So that’s the speculation.

with no asset backed, not even a single real something, is it?
exchanging your real money with play money
i wish to see anything regarding the founder

its easy to re-broadcast radio from around the world, but
how you made profit from the business model and share devidend? (except the pump and dump from investors money)
are the website advertisement enough?

i see all ICO is bullshit, most to trick everyone’s money
i got scam a lot in this critocurrency(bitcointalk), someone need to revolutionize all this ICO, to many scam
transparency, easy contact, real backed asset, real foundation regulated and real check and transparent report, etc