scam yet?

Short Answer: YES it’s a scam. Based on many crypto currencies forums including indicated that this is a scam. One of the indication is that it’s new and already have a lot of transactions under the payout link tied to blockchain. The minimum payout does not match with the amount transacted constantly with the historical transactions showing up in blockchain, people are speculating it’s fake or manipulated with a script or simply a mining wallet that pay users for actual mining such as eobot and so on.

In addition to many users whom signed up and get referrals never got paid either. Normally the site lure in referrals people to refer others and others would invest Bitcoin and the referrer would get paid and the site scam owner took the referrees money and ran away. Best of all, no one know each other, whether they’re tricking their friends family love ones, the weak the homeless …all fall into their trap.

So don’t waste your time on folks, it’s a scam using the HYIP method, most ran with dry wallet lure the weak trap into sending bitcoin to invest and never got anything.