Ethereum ETH mining pool ethpool or nanopool?

Short answer is, it’s the same, except one pay you twice a day and one pay you when it’s time.

I started mining Ethereum (ETH) virtual currency coins just a few days ago, five days to be exact. I did some research on it, and trying to find out which pool to mine. I have two 7970 GPU at the moment. One I mine at and one at Both appears to have the same interface layout, website. using win7 64bit 4GB RAM and mine with qtminer.exe, mining at 20mh/s yield about 1ETH a day. However I didn’t get paid until five days later. It’s the way the pool is setup, you need to get credit, the longer you stay in the pool will determine when you will get pay., using win 7 64bit 4GM RAM and mine with etherminer.exe, mining at 26mh/s, according to the status, I don’t know why it’s higher comparing with qtminer at However the payment is almost the same, except it’s twice a day 🙂

Conclusion, I don’t think it’s matter, maybe might pay a little bit higher but took 5 days, while pay twice a day and probably a little bit less, I don’t know. It doesn’t matter which, both pool can be trusted, but one thing is got a lot less people mining on it. appears to have about 40-50% of the whole ethereum mining network.