Almost got hit by a school bus this morning

Just got home and it was so close. My van almost get hit by a school bus this morning. I think it was my fault, making a left turn a little bit early as the school bus approached full speed, well hopefully that bus was going 35, appears to be faster though. Hoking at me for a constant of 30 seconds, seems like a pissed off school bus driver.

Lesson learn? It doesn’t matter where you live or who you are, especially for children, need to give them some room, since children are the future if we educate them correctly and by setting up example 🙂 off course.

Now, not all school bus driver are perfect, and we need them to either change their behavior or get rid of them completely. Our children lives and future are in their hand. I’ve seen school bus driver making bad decisions, poor choices, and some even intoxicated either with drugs or even alcohol. If you recall there was a school bud driver that took children on a field trip and she weaved in and out of the highway lanes constantly, then there was another scenario where the school bus driver beat up a kid because he wasn’t behaving. Come on now. Please!

Conclusion! no one is perfect, I’m not, you’re not, and maybe god is 🙂 I just have to admit the mistake and move on, sure a lot of people will not be happy for what just had happened, but it was an accident. In my case, a kind of close one, well maybe not close because that school bus was speeding.