Three rude white blonde girls mid 20s at SJC airport American Airline check in noon time

I don’t usually blog about other people behavior, unless it’s really necessary. In this case it is necessary.

I was in San Jose International Airport (SJC) on October 29th 2015 at right after noon time. I was checking in a luggage, and apparently it was 2lbs over weight and American Airline lady giving me a no mercy, I must take out 2lbs. Sadly my wife and 2 kids are far away to reach, I need my wife to check to see which item can be taken out and not. So I gave her a call and she’s on her way.

At the same time, all of a sudden these three blonde shows up in the back line and start complaining what’s taking so long? She asked the American Airline lady if she can check in while I’m waiting but apparently because she’s in the middle of checking in. The three blonde white girl started cussing and use profanity, seems like they’re in a hurry to check in. One of the blonde started to ask me what am I doing and who am I waiting for? I said nicely, “I’m waiting for my wife to come over to see what can be taking out of the luggage” I didn’t really look back and look at the three blonde face, I probably don’t want to, part of it because it’s my fault I’m causing the delay, but I was the first to check in at that counter anyways. No one else was in line.

So finally wife came over and got the 2 lbs off, it’s actually 50.5 lbs but I got let go anyways.

I started to walk slowly to the gate and I can see the three blonde walk up the escalator before me and they got to the line before me. Somehow one of the blonde started complaining about something to one of the TSA, and I ended up in front of them. There was another person just cut in front of me and I didn’t say anything, in fact I let the three blonde go before me anyways because they’re appear to be in a hurry, thought they’re late for their flight, and I was waiting for for my wife and kids anyways.

As we passed the security check point and we went to the Gate, sat down rest, and I decided to go get some water and food wife and kids, and there it is.

There is is, the three rude blonde in a hurry to? to? guess what? in a hurry to get drunk! that’s right, they’re at a bar chit chatting with the bar tender guy having a few drink as I can see, shot, and beer. You got to be kidding me? These three rude blonde in a hurry to get drunk at the bar.

I don’t have a problem with anyone, any races, any religion. However I just want to share my experience on this about these three white blonde girls. I wish I could have taken a picture of these three blonde and post them from start to finish.