Ending whole week of retirement

Well not really retirement but I would like it to be. Today marked my 5th days which is a whole week of quitting my job working for someone else, for a company that I worked for 20 years.

Today I would like to write a little a bit about my job at that company for 20 years. Let talk about the positive for today. The positive thing is that this company gave me the opportunity that I work from home watching my kids at the same time. For many years now I’ve been watching my kids and working at the same with the previous boss. I would like to thanks her for that. It helped me quite a bit, saved so much money on day care and be with my kids watching them growing. This is one of the big thing I would like to thanks my previous boss for and the company allow me to do that.

Well ending today will be my 5th business days. I haven’t much accomplished, kind of like a vacation, kicking back, resting and beside I have a bad leg couldn’t walk properly, perhaps another week or so I will be fine.

work from home dad understanding boss company

work from home dad understanding boss company


Just-bit.com scam yet?

Just-bit.com is new, I just found out about it today. Look like another bitcoin or Cryptos currencies faucets. However already people started talking about it being another scam. It is a scam!

Bitcoin has been stable despite soft hard fork talk

I’ve been following Bitcoin latest news and developments lately. Look like Bitcoin (BTC) price been stable lately at $1000. There were many prediction few weeks ago that Bitcoin will end 2017 at $2000, some even say at $3000 by end of 2017. For me, I don’t know, but a wild guess $2500 is not impossible based on historical trend.

News about Bitcoin does impact Bitcoin price now a day, although it’s still volatile. Volatile is good for day trading that’s for sure, however it’s not that easy to predict if it’s going to up or down next day. Knowing the news ahead of time might help, but sometime Bitcoin just immune the news whether it’s bad or good doesn’t impact Bitcoin much.

I’m holding some Bitcoin, although sold a bunch just barely enough to cover my next few years retirement at age 40, yeah, but if Bitcoin go up to $2k or $3k then it will sure help me greatly to continue my retirement.

bitcoin stabilized at $1000 for how long?

bitcoin stabilized at $1000 for how long?

Day 4 into taking a break from work

I slept better, I ate better, and have time to exercise and be healthy, in fact my wife said my bald spot got hair grew back, but I think that was just a temporary bald spot where hair will grow back.

Ok so I think it’s time to talk about Cryptos currencies. About 4-5 years ago I started mining Bitcoin, I think I average about 1 Bitcoin per day, but at the time the price was at $1 or so. I was mining it with my laptop, then added desktop i7 and then GPU, then ASIC, then back to mining with just GPU for scrypt.

Today I still have some BTC and ETH as well. I used to have a lot of LTC also but exchanged to BTC. Well guess what? Litecoin (LTC) sky rocketed today like over 50% gain, that’s a lof of money for whoever currently holding LTC should think about selling it, why? because there isn’t any official news why LTC going up, so therefore most likely a pump and dump. Ethereum and Bitcoin react to news pretty good, bad news makes it go down and good news makes it go up.

Buying Cryptos currencies now a day I think is a little safer than gambling. At least you could hold on to your Cryptos if it were to go down in value. Chances are these Cryptos currencies will be the currencies of the future but I don’t know which one, could be Bitcoin or Ethereum or both, but other currencies such as Dash LTC and a bunch other as well.

I sold some of these Cryptos currencies already and had cash in Bank, just a little worry about tax for this year.

Taking a break from work toward retirement

Taking a break from work toward retirement

Day 3 of retirement

Well don’t be fool by the title, just for fun “Day 3 of retirement” well I have a long way to go, I’m at 40 years old and been working for the same company for 20 years. It was a tough decision to leave, but I qualified and safe to leave 🙂

I got laid off about 5 years ago, this time I quit by my choice, and pretty common that many people don’t like their boss and I’m no exception 🙂  in addition to workload stressing me out.

I began every morning spending more time with my kids, talking to them more than often, and spending time with my wife more than often, we were able to have normal life I think where I can watch TV with her.

My basement is a mess, it’s not dirty or stinky, just messy which I need to organize soon, also in my list of things to do. I have a ton of computers sitting around need to check them and toss them out or storage if it doesn’t work anymore.

Day 2 of being free

I slept late, and woke up late, well not really late late since I have to drop off my kids to school and some errands, didn’t take much time.

Wonderful feeling of being free. However I have a list of things to do for the next few months which I need prioritize.

Spring time is just around the corner, I’m thinking of doing some gardening. Grow vegetable that are not sold in store, such as exotic vegetable, or vegetable that look cool such as corn 🙂 they grow real tall real big.

This blog is part of my list of things to do. I had many blog in the past, but some I didn’t update because no time, due to job taking up all the time. So I have time now and will be updating frequently.


Day 1 of taking a break from work

Well, where should I start. Let’s keep it simple. I turned in my 2 weeks notice 3 weeks ago. The boss negotiated for three weeks, I agreed.

Three weeks passed, and now being day 1 of taking a break from work, how do I fee? – one word “yay!” 🙂

I have enough money to sustain me for a while, meaning years, many years. However at the same time I’m going to research for home base business that I can do, or should I say resume my home based business that I have started many years ago on and off. All I need is enough money to support me and my family.

The feeling I have for this day 1 no more stress about work, although I was worrying about not training my co workers enough for them to take over my job. I guess it’s not my problem now since I’m officially no longer with them and had given them three weeks of training.