Day 4 into taking a break from work

I slept better, I ate better, and have time to exercise and be healthy, in fact my wife said my bald spot got hair grew back, but I think that was just a temporary bald spot where hair will grow back.

Ok so I think it’s time to talk about Cryptos currencies. About 4-5 years ago I started mining Bitcoin, I think I average about 1 Bitcoin per day, but at the time the price was at $1 or so. I was mining it with my laptop, then added desktop i7 and then GPU, then ASIC, then back to mining with just GPU for scrypt.

Today I still have some BTC and ETH as well. I used to have a lot of LTC also but exchanged to BTC. Well guess what? Litecoin (LTC) sky rocketed today like over 50% gain, that’s a lof of money for whoever currently holding LTC should think about selling it, why? because there isn’t any official news why LTC going up, so therefore most likely a pump and dump. Ethereum and Bitcoin react to news pretty good, bad news makes it go down and good news makes it go up.

Buying Cryptos currencies now a day I think is a little safer than gambling. At least you could hold on to your Cryptos if it were to go down in value. Chances are these Cryptos currencies will be the currencies of the future but I don’t know which one, could be Bitcoin or Ethereum or both, but other currencies such as Dash LTC and a bunch other as well.

I sold some of these Cryptos currencies already and had cash in Bank, just a little worry about tax for this year.

Taking a break from work toward retirement
Taking a break from work toward retirement