Day 1 of taking a break from work

Well, where should I start. Let’s keep it simple. I turned in my 2 weeks notice 3 weeks ago. The boss negotiated for three weeks, I agreed.

Three weeks passed, and now being day 1 of taking a break from work, how do I fee? – one word “yay!” 🙂

I have enough money to sustain me for a while, meaning years, many years. However at the same time I’m going to research for home base business that I can do, or should I say resume my home based business that I have started many years ago on and off. All I need is enough money to support me and my family.

The feeling I have for this day 1 no more stress about work, although I was worrying about not training my co workers enough for them to take over my job. I guess it’s not my problem now since I’m officially no longer with them and had given them three weeks of training.