Energy efficient vs low cost devices which one is more efficient and good for you?

According to the picture below from Peco energy recently just published to their customers whom are interested in being energy efficient, but I think it’s a way of them marketing and selling additional products to make money.

To me I have a lot of devices around the house from normal consumer to AI (artificial intelligent) devices. Let take example if you buy a automatic light switch with motion activated so every time it senses motion it switch on and stay on for a min or so and continue to turn on when motion continued to get detected. This device cost $20 vs. a normal switch cost $2. The advantage of the motion detected switch is you don’t have to switch manually, or forgot to switch it off. However I don’t know about energy efficient, because that switch is using electricity 24 hours a day, although little energy but it will ad up.

The same for the rest of the energy efficient devices around the house from smart speaker to smart thermostat, I think sometime it uses more power than the typical analog devices. Plus with all smart devices you are at risk of being hacked if not using it safely, in addition to you being lazy sit or lie down all too frequently thinking you’re resting. So I think it’s best to consider some devices not all for your home energy, I think light bulbs are good example your should change, use LED it’s cheaper, brighter and energy efficient. Get up and walk around the house to turn off light switch manually, get some exercise and knows what’s around your house, don’t sit or lie down and tell google or alexa to turn off light for you, you will become unhealthy in no time.

Is it worth it to buy energy efficient devices? or just cost too much and difficult to use and could get hacked?