Electroneum ETN latest news update “Access the full 16-page Cointelligence report on Electroneum”

One thing to keep in mind is that most if not everyone know and agreed that Mobile Phone mining farming of Electroneum ETN no longer profitable or if it was ever profitable and so is desktop computer mining, it was never meant to get you profit, it was a marketing strategies like airdrop to get people to know the existent of altcoin ETN Electroneum, some even said this coin is centralized meaning the developer or owner have control of what they want to do with it, they can pull the plug on certain feature and son on …

On Friday, May 29, 2020, 04:13:07 AM EDT, Richard Ells <[email protected]> wrote:

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Today marks another world’s first for Electroneum – The first crypto to commission and publish an in-depth report into its operation. An example of transparency in a crypto space that is mostly anything but.

There are very few people who could be trusted to be completely honest in their appraisal of Electroneum, so we chose the notorious On Yavin and his team of “Scam hunters” from Coinintelligence. “No other company that we’ve scrutinised has ever done it with the purpose of making the report public,” said On Yavin. “This is an unprecedented level of transparency, in an industry that claims to value transparency, but often remains secretive.”

The 16-page report verifies, among other things, our impressive numbers, and statistics. In March we confirmed over 2.25 million IOS and Android Electroneum app downloads, today that figures stands at 2.5 million. On Yavin also confirmed 89,000 mobile top ups with ETN had taken place and today that number is almost 150,000. Electroneum users have also completed over 290,000 person to person, app-to-app instant transfers.

“After taking a close look at Electroneum, its metrics, data and various other facts, we believe it is one of the companies with a real chance to succeed among the crypto companies existing in the industry,” the report highlights.

We believe that no other cryptocurrency has the guts to take the unprecedented step of allowing an internal review with the purpose of publishing for everybody to see. We feel proud of our commitment to transparency and our statistics have now been fully verified by a trusted third party. There aren’t many cryptos that can say that.

Access the full 16-page report and the Cointelegraph featured article.

AIBC Digital Summit

After participating in the very successful Anon Summit online event earlier this month, I’d like to invite you to our next event, the AIBC Digital Summit on 10th June. Sign up is completely free, courtesy of the organisers and I will be participating in a panel discussion on “The Next Financial System” at 12:15 CEST.

The summit promises to bring the latest trends in AI, Blockchain and other Emerging Technologies to the same virtual table, to discuss, learn and do business with each other. For the full list of speakers, click here.

We look forward to seeing you there.


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