POS (proof of stake) XTZ Tezos coin automatic on Coinbase

I think coinbase is an awesome exchange, haven’t heard any hacking attempt that went through and they loss coins, but I guess knock on wood. I got some XTZ Tezos coin on coinbase that I did some video watching and it’s been earning interest automatically through Tezos proof of stake (POS) in which Ethereum will soon be doing. Doing your own POS would require a computer set up to run certain program and it need to be stable, so most people do POS from rented VPS which cost average $5 a month. Otherwise you will be paying for electricity internet hardware and so on. So it’s awesome that coinbase is doing it for you with Tezos POS.

On Wednesday, May 6, 2020, 03:27:57 PM EDT, Coinbase <[email protected]> wrote:

Your Tezos rewards are in

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Your first Tezos staking reward from Coinbase has landed in your XTZ wallet.

You’ll get staking rewards approximately every three days if you continue to hold XTZ with us. Want more? Increase the amount of rewards you can earn by adding more XTZ to your Coinbase account.

You are receiving this email because you are opted in to receive Tezos staking rewards. To opt out of Tezos staking rewards, open your account, go to Settings and select Financial Services to set your preferences.

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