is continuing to innovate just released the Bitrefill card like stable coin

Recently sent out an email indicating that they now have the card (gift card). To me, this is something like stable coin, where the card does not loose value waiting for you to buy the gift card of your choice at a later time.

An example use case is, let say you need Walmart gift card but do not know when to spend it and you do not want to buy the gift card when needed but found out the Bitcoin or crypto price crashed so now you’re paying more than at the time you’re thinking of buying because the crypto value price were high.

So today Birefill appear to have fix that, you can buy Birefill card when you see Crypto is at all time high or something like that, then use the Birefill card to buy your Walmart gift card when you need, or other gift cards. This way you know you got the gift card at the price you think is all time high, but in crypto world, one day could be 1 cent, the other day could be 1 million.

On Friday, April 10, 2020, 04:29:56 AM EDT, Bitrefill <[email protected]> wrote:

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New Bitrefill Balance Cards

Presenting USD & EUR denominated Bitrefill Balance Cards. They never expire, can be redeemed instantly, and used to purchase any of our 2500+ gift cards or mobile refills globally.

These Cards give an easy way to preserve short/medium term purchasing power, protecting you from volatility. The best time to sell crypto can now be separated from the best time to purchase products and services.

And you can also seamlessly gift Bitrefill to people that don’t know anything about Crypto. The best gift of all is a Bitrefill Balance Card; why limiting to one merchant if your loved one can enjoy the extensive Bitrefill catalog instead?

Win $200 on our Video Contest

The official Bitrefill video submission contest is your chance to win a $200 Bitrefill Balance card!

Submit a short (30 second – 1 minute) video about how you use Bitrefill in your day to day life to purchase your favorite brands, goods, and services. Make it as creative as you like. Instructions and rules here.

Trezor Integration

Owners of the battle tested Trezor hardware wallet can convert their money into 2500+ Gift Cards, Phone Refills and Lightning Network Services without leaving the Trezor web interface.
As usual, no registration is required. You only need to provide an e-mail address and don’t share any sensitive data with Trezor or us. Demo video here.

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