5.1% APY “BTC and ETH Tier Rate Change Adds More Earning Opportunities”

Very nice interest on Bitcoin BTC balance if you deposit into investment program. This is not a scam, it’s not a high yield investment program. However there are risk which is if gemini got hacked or the wallet hold your Bitcoin got hacked then said they will not be hold accountable to reimburse you, it said so in the TOS agreement when you signed up for this account, pretty much just like the MtGOx account so be careful.

Bank cannot compete with the 5% return on your Bitcoin, and definitely cannot compete with the 8.6% return on your GUSD (gemini usd) stable coin. This is probably a good opportunities to arbitrage actually, take out a loan with 3-4% and get GUSD for a 8% to profit 4%, but there are risk involve so be careful.

On Wednesday, January 22, 2020, 04:36:20 PM EST, BlockFi <[email protected]> wrote:

Rate Change 12220
Hi ,

We are reaching out to announce an upcoming BTC and ETH tier rate change. We hope this provides all BlockFi clients with more earning opportunities. Our new rates are as follows:


Tier 1 | 0-5 BTC – 5.1% APY
Tier 2 | > 5 BTC – 3.2% APY


Tier 1 | 0-500 ETH – 3.6% APY
Tier 2 | > 500 ETH – 2.0% APY

Please note, these rate changes will go into effect February 1st (02/01/20).

If you have any questions about our rates, you can reach out to [email protected] or

call us at +1 646-779-9688.


The BlockFi Team

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