NRG coin airdrop finalized “November Newsletter”

This is real coin rank 100 on coinmarketcap. However the airdrop required KYC, if you trust this NRG coin known as EARNDROP, energi coin then go ahead give them your KYC personal information and they will use it as they wish and you get 100 NRG coins or so max depend on what you do for them to earn 100 coins max, chances are you will earn 10 coins not 100, earning 100 NRG coins required some work and on top of that they get your real personal data including your ID Passport card photo copied and recorded on their system, your address and so on, if this information leaked there go your personal information, if their server hacked, if insider job making up stories data breached there go your personal data driver licence ID Passport identity stolen will be use for illegal activities. So does it worth $10? think hard think twice before you send someone your ID.

On Monday, December 2, 2019, 03:53:03 PM EST, Energi News <[email protected]> wrote:Energi Community Update


We are proud to announce the last of our Earndrop distributions for Rounds 2, 3 and 4!

Every valid KYC-passed entry will receive the full maximum allocation of 100 NRG as well as all legitimate referral bonuses, regardless of how many social tasks they successfully completed!


Congratulations to Nicholas, Ronald, K-Dub, Jeffrey, and Drew for winning our round 2 referral contest!

Congratulations to Fatmagul, Laura Josefa, Pavel, Christos, and Silvia for winning our round 3 referral contest!


With our highly anticipated launch of Energi Gen 3, we are one step closer to reaching Energi’s true potential at being a world-class cryptocurrency. In our latest article, we breakdown each feature of Energi Gen 3:


One of the most common questions the Energi team gets asked centers around one thing: funding. In this article, we explained why we chose to self-fund Energi instead of going the traditional ICO route: FUNDS GENERATED

Here are the latest figures for our treasury compared to other top cryptocurrencies with similar models. Click here to learn more about what makes our project unique :
Energi in the News!

Energi is proud to present Real Vision’s “On the Cutting-Edge of Macro and Crypto“ video with @dan_pantera and @dtapcap! Join us for a deeper dive into the future of regulation, international money transfers, emerging ‘Layer 2’ protocols and much more!

Watch here :
Mineable has featured Energi $NRG as a top coin to watch in 2020. Thanks for the mention @mineable!

Watch here :
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