latest update “Introducing Coinbase’s Global Privacy Policy” never got hacked?

That’s right folks, never got hacked before, but I am very sure hackers are trying to find ways to hack coinbase. With the latest Bitcoin Cryptocurrencies exchange hacked loss of over $50 million worth of ETH (Ethereum) upbit exchange would crippled don’t know how they will reimburse or accommodate such large loss, but will see in the next few weeks. As for being hacked is imminent, however if coinbase way of business is always watch out for hacker then coinbase might remain unhackable for a while, but most likely they will get hack sooner or later, but the loss might be a little less because as far as I know coinbase kept most of their coins on cold wallet storage. Same with a few other exchanges like Gemini. There are many other exchanges out there that have not been hacked yet, but I’m pretty sure hackers had tried and are still trying even if it take 6 months to a year or more.

On Friday, November 29, 2019, 08:52:17 AM EST, Coinbase <[email protected]> wrote:

Hi there,

Protecting your data and your privacy are essential priorities for Coinbase. That’s why we make sure to keep you informed of how and why we collect and use your data.

At Coinbase, we believe it’s critical that we apply a clear and consistent framework for protecting your data that addresses and adheres to our worldwide obligations. For this reason, and in anticipation of new privacy laws like the California Consumer Privacy Act (or “CCPA”), we have consolidated our various privacy policies and requirements into a single Global Privacy Policy. This update will take effect on January 1, 2020.

We have also taken this opportunity to make changes to the Policy to make it easier for you to understand the information we collect, use, and share.

What’s new:

Scope – We’re clarifying that this policy is applicable to all Coinbase customers, and that all customers will have the ability to access, modify, and make other requests with respect to their data.

Purpose – We’re providing additional details about the information we collect, why we collect it, and your rights with respect to that information. Specifically, we outline our intention to only use your data to verify your identity, protect you from harm, enable our services, improve our products, and keep you notified of new developments (based on your preferences). We do not — and will not — sell your data to third parties without your consent.

Transparency – We’re clarifying how we share information with our affiliates and service providers to provide a secure, reliable, and tailored customer experience.
Please read the new Policy carefully and save this email for future reference. You can reference the current Privacy Policy here. If you have questions or concerns regarding this notice, please contact us. To learn more about our products and policies, visit

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