UPS latest update on security safety “Changes to USPS Hold Mail Service”

This is good that USPS is taking action on improving security and safety of people using USPS for Mail Hold service, because I can see the process is kind of vulnerable to hackers fraudster and scammers … they can pretend you to redirect mail to the usps post office to pick your mail, in other word steal your mail, yes it’s easy and possible. Very easy actually with a fake ID since USPS I don’t see them checking it with the system at all, just by visually looking at it. So basically now if you want mail hold, you would need an established account and confirmed your identity as you, via phone text or mail confirmation and so on … good job, keep up with the security and safety, keep our mail safe.

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Changes to USPS Hold Mail Service

Dear USPS® Customer,

You are receiving this notice because our records indicate that you have previously placed your mail on hold with USPS.

To provide you with greater security, USPS has made several changes to the online USPS Hold Mail™ process. These improvements require additional action from you before you submit your next online Hold Mail request.

What has changed?

To place an online Hold Mail request, you are now required to:

Create or sign in to your® account
Verify your identity online through mobile phone passcode verification
Request an identity verification passcode to be mailed to your address
Once you have completed the above steps for your current address, you will not have to complete them again and can place your mail on hold by logging into your account.

How should I plan for my next Hold Mail request?

A request to hold your mail can be made up to 30 days in advance. If you are completing the above steps for the first time, USPS recommends scheduling your online Hold Mail request at least a week prior to placing your mail on hold to avoid any issues due to these changes.

You will be able to verify your identity within the online USPS Hold Mail site. If you are unable to complete identity verification, you can still put your mail on hold by visiting your local Post Office™ location. For other options and more details, please visit our USPS Hold Mail FAQs.

To begin an online Hold Mail request, please visit USPS Hold Mail.

Can I verify my identity in advance of a Hold Mail request?

Yes. Customers subscribed to the USPS Informed Delivery® feature have satisfied the identity verification requirement, and no additional identity verification action is required. If you are not subscribed to Informed Delivery, you can sign up for the free USPS Informed Delivery feature*** – the only other USPS feature that currently offers identity verification.

Once your identity has been verified you will not have to complete this step again for your current address and you will be able to place your mail on hold. As an Informed Delivery subscriber, you will also be able to digitally monitor your mail while it is on hold. To learn more and sign up, go to the Informed Delivery Homepage. See more details in the Informed Delivery FAQs.

***Please Note: Subscribing to the Informed Delivery feature is not a requirement to hold your mail. Customers who are already enrolled in the Informed Delivery feature have satisfied the identity verification requirement, and no additional identity verification action is required for these customers. Customers whose address is not eligible for the Informed Delivery feature can still place their mail on hold online, provided the address is eligible for the Hold Mail service and they successfully pass identity verification.

What if I already scheduled a USPS Hold Mail request?

If you placed a USPS Hold Mail request before these changes were implemented your request will not be affected.

If you have other questions related to these changes, please reference our USPS Hold Mail FAQs or Contact Us for more information.

Thank you for being a valued USPS customer.

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