Scam Phishing email from fake apple support < Update > We’ve Disabled Your Apple ID 

Do not click on the link from your email, from your sms text messages, from a website, from anywhere for that matter, instead move your mouse cursor over or tab on the link to inspect it first before going to the site. Check the spelling of the real domain make sure it’s correct, for instant, is correct and is not correct or is not correct either. So be careful folks, once you’re in a hacker website that look like the real website everything you do on that site is being recorded on top of that they already know who you are and where you’re at just by visiting the site.

On Wednesday, November 6, 2019, 11:11:15 AM EST, Apple wrote:
It seems that your account didn’t follow the guidelines set in our terms and condition, which made us temporary disabled your account.
Please log in and review all the personal data below.
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