Using Bitrefill to purchase giftcard if you encounter problem like slow confirmation delivery there are reasons

Bitrefill is good to use, but sometime you will encounter slow processing not due to Bitrefill but the confirmation of blockchain. Below is one example where user purchase airbnb gift card but the spinning circle payment received spinning for an hour or more, but in the end it got processed. Look like Bitrefill said you can sign up to bitrefill account to make it process faster, now that really confused me, because why would it be faster if the slow process is not with bitrefill but rather with blockchain confirmation, why would creating an account with Bitrefill making the confirmation faster? or is it something else? there go your privacy folks.

On Saturday, October 26, 2019, 09:18:52 PM EDT, Bitrefill [email protected] wrote:
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Michel (Bitrefill)
Oct 27, 02:18 CET
I see that your order has now been processed and sent.
Sometimes it takes some time for the transaction to go through the blockchain, usually due to a low fee being picked.
Or the operator itself might’ve had a temporary issue, which we cannot affect.
Usually these are the reasons for the delay you experienced.
If you’d like it to go quicker next time please sign up for our account service at
It’s free and works perfectly!
Sorry for this and I hope it didn’t cause an inconvenience.
Best wishes, Michel

Oct 25, 19:51 CEST
Location: USA

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How long does “Payment detected” can sit spinning? I’ve been waiting for over 1 hour. Could this be blockchain is busy?
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