Keep yourself safe and secure while being online now a day where ever you are

The best way is to secure your operating system. Use Linux operating system such as *ubuntu, and keep it updated. Now a day we do not really need to install much software on our computer, the average computer users would need the internet, and some Words or Excel applications which can be done with Google Doc Spreadsheet and storage on Google Drive. Google can be secure if you know how, basically turn on 2FA with both phone # and Google Auth app. store your data on the cloud is safe if you enable highest security settings, and never allow anyone to access it beside you, like sharing, you can even create death notification, meaning it will notified whoever if you don’t use google for more than certain period of time like 6 months, it will send out a message you probably dead and give access to whoever you gave access to your google account, off course you can set permissions and access level.

So basically having a secure operating system like *ubuntu and google chrome or firefox keep it updated at all time, and use incognito mode as it will erase everything after you exit out. Don’t worry exit out doesn’t mean all the files get deleted, it just delete your cookies browsing history and so on. Your files and whatever you do within google drive is safe, and being saved automatically. You can access these files anywhere anytime, make sure you use incognito mode on other computers as well.

I’ve been using the computer and internet since the 1990s. I remember playing around with the black and white screen of the Apple II computer and I was very excited. I came to the US back in late or near end of 1980s by the way. Back then, the computer is not connected or network as widely as it is today, in other word the internet wasn’t available until the mid 1990s. Therefore a lot of people not noticing or worrying about being hacked, scammed online … but now a day is a different story since most if not all computers and other devices such as mobile phone and even your shoe is connected to the internet.

So now a day, most if not all your devices are connected, and you know how dangerous it is if you don’t know how to secure your devices that connected to the internet. If you still don’t know how or would like to double check and I think you should, just google search for “secure yourself device the internet” and there should a bunch of top search result with documentations from the top security software companies that will show you how to secure yourself and device on the internet. Basically your first line of defense would be your home router, make sure you have a secure admin password to control panel and a strong SSID name and password/passcode, change it frequently if you can and maybe use a strategy for your password so that way you will know what the password is.

As for me writing about this, I just want to focus on one thing for now, which is your computer, whether it’s a netbook, laptop, desktop pc, server … how to secure it? well the short answer is, there isn’t a 100% way to secure it, even if you disconnect your internet or have no internet hook up to your computer, there are many ways you can hacked if you’re being targeted. There is only the best way, best method, best solution, no such thing as real solution.