You got hack if you fall for this scam “Υοuг Account Ηаѕ Вееn Lοсκеd Fοг Ѕесuгіtу Rеаѕοn. [ CASE ID #N0HW6DHVKJ ]”

If you get similar email like below, and you checked the link, seems legit, but it’s not. It’s a phishing email, fake apple support website that look like real but it’s not. Whatever data you entered there will be stolen. If you clicked on the link from the email or message, you might get a virus something installed on your device and possible will get hacked later.

On Tuesday, September 10, 2019, 02:55:47 PM EDT, AppleID wrote:
Dear .com,
Someone has entered the correct password for your Apple ID account . Here is the information that we have:
Location : Malaysia
IP Address :
Application : Internet Explorer
OS : (Windows 8)
Support team detect unauthorised person has accessed your account and now your account access has been locked for security measures, you must update your account and reset your account password info.
If this wasn’t you, please follow this link to our (Sign-in) for instructions on securing your account.
Thank you for your comprehension.
Apple Support Team
Please do not respond to this message.