“SCAM” The PIT by Blockchain Payment Received 0.2546 BTC Bitcoin

Do not fall for this old scam folks. You probably received similar email as below saying you received some Bitcoin based on blockchain info. It’s fake, if you clicked on it, you will be taken to a fake website that replicate the real blockchain website and whatever you input there will be given to the hacker and you will loose your blockchain account and more. Never click on any link on an email, never open any attachment from email and other messages like sms txt IM and so on, never click on any of it, instead question first making sure it’s the real real real sender, now a day anything can be fake especially online from who, always go directly to the website that send you to message/email to double check.

On Friday, September 6, 2019, 09:47:44 AM EDT, The PIT by Blockchain [email protected] wrote:
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Payment Received
0.219011 BTC
If the above details are correct, click the following link to see your transaction
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