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Accidently did something wrong? an honest mistake? just contact ally customer service through chat email secure message or call them, they will work it out with you. For example overdraft because your balance did not cover your purchase or check cashing? result in an overdraft fee of $25? no problem contact them and work it out, they will reimburse you the fee $25, just be honest and nice 🙂

Sep 04, 2019 Account Inquiry
Dear ,
Thank you for taking the time to contact Ally Bank. We appreciate your business. I apologize for the delay in my response and I am happy to address your overdraft inquiry.
We are happy to waive the overdraft fee in the amount $25 that posted to the Interest Checking ending in 0957 on 08/29/2019. The fee will be credited back to your account within two to three business days.
I wanted to make you aware that we do offer an Overdraft Transfer Service that we do not charge for. The Overdraft Transfer Service allows you to link your Online Savings Account or Money Market Account to your Interest Checking Account. You can apply for a new Online Savings or Money Market Account, I provided the application instructions below. That way, any transaction that would overdraw your Interest Checking Account would pull the necessary funds from the linked Ally account in $100.00 increments. Funds pulled from a savings account to cover an overdraft still count towards the withdrawal transaction limit.
You may protect yourself from overdrafts by following the steps below:
-Log into your Online Banking profile.
-Click on the Accounts button in the purple bar located at the top of the page.
-Select your Interest Checking Account.
-Select Manage Account then select Overdraft Transfer Service.
-Under Options, select Set Up. Now you can select an account to link for Overdraft Transfer Service
-Select Save Changes.
You can change or remove this service at any time.
If you would prefer, you may contact us via phone support, click 2 chat, or through secured email and we would be happy to assist you with setting up your Overdraft Transfer Service.
Should you choose to apply for a new Online Savings or Money Market Account, the application can be submitted online by logging in to your online banking profile. Next, click on Accounts located at the top right of the page. A snapshot box will appear and at the bottom of the box click on the Open a New Account link. A new page will populate. On the new page click on Bank Accounts and follow the prompts to apply for a new account. Also, please be advised that you can also contact us by phone to process a new account application.
We appreciate your business and want to thank you for choosing Ally Bank. If you have any additional questions, we are here for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our toll free number is 1-877-247-ALLY (2559) or you can always visit us online at
Thank you,
Ally Bank Customer Care
—–Original Message—–
What is the $25 charge overdraft for? I just received notification on this. I never purchase anything lately.
—–Original Message—–
I am so sorry about my previous message. It was my fault that result in a $25 overdraft fee, I just realized I had selected the wrong screen selection for withdrawal vs. deposit result in this $671.65 transaction. I supposed to select withdrawal from ……………………………