Fake Mcafee airdrop article on Medium SCAM- #McAfee Crypto Extravaganza — Bitcoin and Ethereum Airdrop Promotion

Hope you didn’t fall for this trick. Someone pretend to be Mcafee or Mcafee representative and created a fake Medium account posted a draft article on free airdrop celebrating Mcafee released. Unfortunately it’s fake, and whoever been sending ETH or BTC hoping to get some Bitcoin or Ethereum return airdrop.

The article posted here https://medium.com/@kbk8BFejtTDadQH/43f7cf65f198 in draft format and probably will get deleted soon. The author is fake Mcafee, unverified account with no credential, apparently Medium somehow allow draft article posted in public view and even the famous CNET news website fell for this trick also, apparently CNET news https://www.cnet.com/news/john-mcafee-tweets-photos-of-jail-stay-airdrops-bitcoin/ mentioned the free airdrop which making me loose faith with CNET news now.

This is the twit https://twitter.com/officialmc27m/status/1154514720100982785 on the fake Mcafee free airdrop, will probably get deleted soon. https://twitter.com/bitcoinagile/status/1153752346343739393

This is the scammer Bitcoin address. https://www.blockchain.com/search?search=154iaYoFAgNgNKKHUhXDtSz9USxp7YSzeT you will see that there were a few people fell for this scam by sending some Bitcoin and expect to get more back.

This is the scammer Ethereum address. https://etherscan.io/address/0xCb71F740904245657d39Fb73cf787a256D0b71e8 there are quite a few people sending ETH to that address expect to get more back from free airdrop, apparently these folks didn’t know it’s a scam. https://getmemyetherss.tumblr.com/?source=post_page—————————