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On Thursday, July 11, 2019, 07:55:29 PM EDT, Kraken [email protected] wrote:
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Kraken is performing a system upgrade on Sunday, July 14 at 21:00 UTC. Please expect services to be offline for 3 – 8 hours.
What’s the purpose of this downtime?
We’re performing an upgrade that will improve latency and performance, as well as enable us to bring you more exciting features in the near future.
How does this affect me?
All spot exchange services including trading, funding and account access will be temporarily disabled. Margin positions won’t be closed or liquidated. Check our status and Twitter for updates and an announcement when the upgrade is complete.
Can I still trade futures?
Yes! If you’re signed in to your Kraken Futures account prior to the start of the upgrade you’ll be able to trade futures without interruption. Go to
Are there limitations with futures?
You cannot transfer funds during the upgrade. Prepare your account to be well-collateralized before the upgrade to avoid unwanted liquidations. If you log out during the upgrade, you’ll have to wait until the upgrade is complete to regain access.
What happens after the upgrade is complete?
Watch our status updates so you know when we’re approaching completion. You’ll have a 30-minute window to cancel orders before trading and order creation are enabled. Deposits sent during the upgrade will begin to be processed. Withdrawals will resume shortly thereafter.
What happens after trading is enabled?
Prices and the order book may be different when compared to before the upgrade. Unexpected volatility or illiquidity may exist. Consider using limit orders to avoid trades executing at unexpected prices. Margin positions will close or liquidate as they typically do. Prepare your account to be well-collateralized and/or close your positions before the upgrade to avoid unwanted liquidations caused by abrupt price changes.
We appreciate your patience during the system upgrade.
The Kraken Team
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