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Over $1.5M in Crypto Interest and Bonuses Earned by BlockFi Clients
BlockFi is sprinting into summer with a fresh interest payment to our global community of crypto investors. In Q2 2019, our clients earned over $1.5M in interest and bonuses on their crypto. We want to thank everyone who has joined BlockFi over the last few months, helping us grow the BlockFi Interest Account (BIA) to over $185M in assets custodied by Gemini.
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BlockFi Partners with Casa
In June we also announced our first big partnership with Casa, the leading personal key system that allows crypto holders to securely store their own assets. The BlockFi and Casa partnership allows BlockFi clients to have access to both market-leading financial services and a secure self-custody solution. Through our partnership, clients will be able to access Casa’s multisig software for long-term savings and security.
BlockFi clients are eligible for:
$50 off Casa Node with included Gold Subscription
$200 off first year of Casa Platinum with 3-of-5 Key Shield multisig
$500 off first year of Casa Diamond with 3-of-5 Key Shield and full team support
Additionally, Casa members are eligible for:
Reduced rates on BTC-backed loans at BlockFi
Plus an additional 10% interest each month on Bitcoin interest accounts. At BlockFi’s current rate of 6% annual interest, this would mean Casa clients are able to earn 6.6% annual interest.
Neither Casa nor BlockFi are earning profits directly from this partnership. Instead, we’ve decided to pass them along to our clients. Note that reduced rates and 10% additional interest is only available to new clients. For any questions, please reach out to [email protected].
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Market Commentary
by our partner
Screen Shot 2019-07-02 at 10.58.41 AM
Bitcoin capped off June with another strong month of gains, rising nearly 30% over the last 30 days. Despite its +20% pull back over the last few days, BTC posted one of the best performances of any asset globally in the second quarter, with June marking its 5th straight month of positive returns, the longest streak in almost two years. In its limited history, bitcoin trends to perform well in July, averaging double digit monthly gains (+10%) with positive returns in all but one year (2014) since 2013.
Retail enthusiasm for crypto has come roaring back, evident in the number of Google searches for “Bitcoin” and the growing premium for Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust (GBTC). Institutional demand for the asset manager’s flagship product continues to grow, however, making up a majority of new investment last quarter.
Volatility in the equity markets may pick up at the end of the week depending on the highly anticipated jobs report due out Friday morning. Fed funds futures are pricing in a 100% chance of at least a 25 bps rate cut in July, so a better-than-expected jobs number could throw a bit of a wrench in a stock market breaking to new highs.
BlockFi clients can take advantage of an exclusive offer of a 20% discount on all Delphi Digital services. Utilize the code → BLOCKFI20
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One of the easiest ways to earn free crypto is by referring your friends! We pay out 10% of all interest earned directly to people who have referred their friends. Read how to earn your share here.
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