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As Bitcoin and most crypto coins are up released news below, however right after they released this news, the crypto market tumbled sending Bitcoin back to $7000s from almost $9000 within minutes, that is Bitcoin for you. So will follow through what they say? enable withdrawal? perhaps since they made profit from the rising price of Bitcoin and Ethereum, why not share it with users investors to gain more trust and more investors users will come in leaving the scam arb platform has been next to impossible to sell withdraw profit since December 10th 2018 over 6 months and counting.

NovaChain [email protected]

May 30 at 1:56 PM
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Dear NOVACHAIN Community,
We’ve been closely monitoring the pool results over the past few days and are implementing the following changes immediately:
Our current model trades multiple pools and naturally, some pools are performing better than others. Our intent is to modify the settings of the poorly performing pools to the better performing ones. We worked through the entire night to adjust all of these parameters and make this happen.
To finalize these updates we will need to perform pool maintenance for a short 2 hour period of time starting from now. This will allow us to reboot all the bots and implement the modifications.
The audit is complete, all withdrawals will be enabled today. All pending withdrawals will be processed today as well.
While we understand some of the results have been lackluster, we are working hard to make sure the performance will improve. Part of our strategy was to use these multiple pools in order to isolate and replicate the ones performing consistently the best. Remember, it’s what happens by the end of the contract that’s most important, rather than the individual day to day results.
We are confident the pools will perform much better now that we are mirroring the best settings. We apologize for this delay. While we don’t want to sound like a broken record, we can’t emphasize enough how much the Binance hack and their subsequent updates forced us to revamp our logic protocols.
Thank you again for your understanding, patience, and trust.
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