Latest update from while have no update news nothing to their users investors all silent and speculation from telegram chat group “Special TREX Pool grand opening Promotion!”

On Friday, May 24, 2019, 11:21:01 AM EDT, NovaChain [email protected] wrote:
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See how the TREX Pool launch will make you money.
It’s with great pleasure we would like to announce the soft launch of our new vanguard product, the T-REX Pool, today at 12.00 AM UTC.
We will go live with our PROMO plan which will be offered for the next 10 days. The PROMO plan will have a contract duration of 10 days. It will require a 15% reserve to be held in Nova. The fees will be reduced to only 15% of the profits. Users can take payouts daily. Early cancelation is possible with a 25% capital penalty plus loss of all profits. Contract activation and payouts will be conducted daily at 4 AM, UTC.
Along with the PROMO plan, we are instituting a new affiliate referral system. Affiliates will be paid 1% of the invested capital of each referral. Payouts will be paid up front in BTC/ETH. The 1% fee will carry over to EVERY future plan the referral initiates on the platform. The implications of this are huge. More details about the new referral structure will be announced soon on our Medium channel.
Currently, there are NO limitations for the number of PROMO plans a user can enter.
After the limited time 10 day period, the terms of the PROMO plan will be adjusted so take advantage of the lower fees now while you can!
Thank you for your trust,
In its shocking Grand Opening, membership participants in the first-class T-REX Pool trading platform have crushed expectations. Discover how YOU can join the most reliable, simplest, and profitable trading platform on the market today.
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