Watch out for more apple fake email receipts “MMFJKMKVFH – Pembelian baru-baru ini [ Summoners War ] pada hari Minggu 19 Mei 2019 # DOKUMEN NO 162259222447”

It’s a phishing email, scam, hacking your apple id account with scare tactic, scaring you to click and visit the fake apple website. Say good bye to your apple id account and anything in it.

Subtotal $99.99Tax $0.99 ReceiptAPPLE IDBILLED TO Summer Pierson 3022 E Jade Court Chandler, AZ 85286-0188 USADATE May 19, 2019ORDER ID MMFJKMKVFHDOCUMENT NO. 162259222447App StorePRICESummoners War, Chest of Crystals Report a Problem$99.99TOTAL$99.00Send money with a message.Use Apple Pay to send and receive money. It’s as simple as sending a text.Learn More about Apple Pay Cash Privacy: We use a Subscriber ID to provide reports to developers. If you didn’t make this purchase or if you believe an unauthorized person is attempting to access your account, click here to cancel your purchase. Apple ID Summary • Terms of Sale • Privacy PolicyCopyright © 2019 Apple Inc. All rights reserved