Fake Apple purchase to steal your Apple ID account “Your Apple Store Order Number 464245270 from 4/29/2019”

If you get this email or similar one, it’s fake email, sending from a hacker pretend to be Apple company to steal your Apple ID account information, don’t fall for this scam. Look at the from email, to the ordinary eye will see store.apple.com but it’s not, it’s sonyrewards.com but it’s not legitimate either, the point is to make you think it’s legit from apple.com or sonyrewards.com but it’s really not legit, the email will bounce back. What hackers really want you to do is to click on the Cancel This Order, and once you clicked on it, it will take you to a fake website pretending to be Apple.com it’s exact replica and most people thought it’s real and logged in, and say good bye to your account and everything about you.

On Monday, April 29, 2019, 9:58:46 AM EDT, alerts@store.apple.com-customers-notification-mincu.sonyrewards.com wrote:
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Here’s a receipt for your purchase:
Order number: 464245270
Order date: April 29, 2019 12:09 EST
Item name: Tantan – Member VIP
Item price: $ 12.99 USD
Payment method: iOS App Store ( Debit/Credit Card )
Platform: iPhone XR
Amount charged: $ 12.99 USD
You can view the details of this purchase transaction or cancel this transaction until 12:01 UTC on April 31, 2019.
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