What is this “YoBit Signature Campaign (Bitcointalk)”

What is this yobit.net yobit signature campaign bitcointalk? are they charging for talking or something like bitcointalk? Well it’s actually like advertisement on your account forum profile, you can put an ads under your profile signature so that people will see your advertisements whatever that is, could be anything because if you pay good money you could potential advertise anything, who knows. Just like how many ponzi scheme pyramid scam are doing like arbitraging.co and novachain.cc, novachain.cc just added 15 thousands telegram users in just a couple of days, sadly it’s clearly those telegram users are bots followers just to make their chat group room look good, but just a few people talking. Money can buy anything especially in the Cryptos world.

On Friday, April 19, 2019, 10:52:08 AM EDT, Yobit News [email protected] wrote:
YoBit Signature Campaign
Dear YoBit Users!
YoBit Signature Campaign on Bitcointalk is active again!
Details: https://yobit.net/en/signature/details/
Sr Member: 0.00012 BTC per constructive post (20 max per day).
Hero Member: 0.00016 BTC per constructive post (20 max per day).
Legendary Member: 0.00020 BTC per constructive post (20 max per day).
Sincerely yours,
Team of Yobit.Net
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