Did novachain.cc secretly added 15 thousands telegram ghosts account users to their novachain.cc community chat group?

Surprisingly to many people whom pay attention to the Telegram Chat Group of novachain.cc noticed that the numbers of chat users members on its chat group grew from 3 thousand to 17 thousand within a couple of days, that’s 15 thousand increased within a couple of days.

So the question is why? and how come 17 thousands members in the novachain.cc chat group but only a couple of them are talking saying anything at all? for hours? – most likely the new members added to the novachain.cc chat group are ghosts account also known as spam bots accounts can be purchased at website such as “https://www.buytelegrammembers.com/” where you can buy Telegram followers. So it turns out that novachain.cc is no better than arbitraging.co and many other similar platform, they will play game and market their products any way they can to gain more interest from vulnerable victims. These victims will eventually loose money and these similar platform will start another wave of attracting users members investors to their platform.

So it turns out very simple easy to get lots of Telegrams Chat users into your Telegram Chat room simply by paying some money from as $1 to $500 to get thousands and thousands of Telegrams Followers chat users into your chat room making it seem like your Telegram Chat group have many people interested. The numbers of Telegram followers a couple days ago on Telegram Chat group was 3 thousand and today was 17 thousand, this just proof that this can be done, and can be done secretly without existing users knowing, so what else will novachain.cc do next? – the answer is anything.

The failure of arbitraging.co since December 10th 2018 over 4 months and counting making it a big opportunity for novachain.cc evoai and many other similar platform to gain momentum and claiming themselves as legitimate and longest trouble free platform existed. At this point, there is no way arbitraging.co can be as it was back in April 2018 to December 10th 2018, as months has passed and no improvement at all, if anything then just broken promise and fake news lies just to make users interested pretending not fraud or scam, it’s one way to get people remain calm and eventually loose interest and nothing else can be done as it disappearing.