Amazon associate account will get terminate if you don’t meet certain quota

If you have a amazon associate account, and you have been qualified to sell ads for them but generate no sell then your account will get terminated.

On Tuesday, April 9, 2019, 4:07:58 PM EDT, Amazon Associates [email protected] wrote:
Hello -20,
We are reaching out to you because you have not reached the required Qualifying Purchases for your account. As a reminder, Associate accounts that have not referred three Qualifying Purchases to within 180 days of sign-up will be closed.
There are many ways to increase referrals and advertising fees you earn through the Associates Program, including:
Making your existing links more prominent or visible to site visitors
Including links to additional products or product variants
Adding links for trending promotions that you can find in our promotions hub
Increasing traffic to your website using search engine optimization and social media
Please visit the Resource Center on Associates Central to view articles for additional tips to optimize your earnings. For new Associates, the most popular articles to view are ‘Your Daily Checklist for Success’, ‘Unlock the Potential of Your Website’, and ‘Improve Your Copy’, ‘Improve Your Conversions’.