USA folks your tax are due on April 15th by midnight “It’s TAX season! Ensure you are safe from phishing scams”

Make sure you file your Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrencies coins bought and sold within the year. If you do business and accept Bitcoin or pay via Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, make sure you keep track and file as well when converted to USD (calculate the gain or loss). Don’t get caught, it could be real ugly.

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Ensure you are safe from tax scams!
Every tax season, scammers are notorious for trying to trick millions of taxpayers into giving over their financial and sensitive information. These types of tax scams earn criminals billions of dollars every year. This is a great time to highlight the most common tax scam to especially watch out for this season – Phishing!
Phishing Scam
Phishing is a scam that helps criminals to steal your personal information.
Scammers are sending convincing emails that link to conceivable government websites that appear like the IRS or genuine financial websites, but are actually phishing scams. These websites try to trick you into entering your credentials and to verify personal and sensitive information. Falling into this trap could lead to identity theft, and could also lead to falsely filed tax returns (The criminals will fill fraudulent tax returns, and use your bank accounts to deposit tax refunds only to collect it later falsely claiming to be from a collection agency or the IRS).
Other phishing scams aim at your bank account credentials. Once they get it they won’t leave you time for recovery. They’ll act fast and still your money.
You should watch out for emails from hackers who are stating that they’re from the IRS, promising refunds, or sometimes trying to threaten people.
As a safety measure please don’t open attachments or click on any links in the emails.
ZoneAlarm Anti-Phishing solution offers innovative, real-time protection that ensures your data will always be safe. It uses a heuristic engine that will scan all websites you reach and examine their characteristics before letting you insert any personal information. It will alert you whether it is a safe website or a phishing attempt.
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