Is this battery good for solar power deep cycle? “AutoCraft Platinum AGM Battery, Group Size H8, 900 CCA”

I’ve been doing some research on good battery to storage power just in case power outage or some apocalyptic events world come to end that I may need to power small devices such as radio, satellite weather radio, cell phone, etc …

So far for local source without ordering online, because ordering online I think is expensive because the battery could be very big and bulky, so therefore best to order buy locally, however locally could already have initial delivery to store cost already added – so local car parts store such as Advancedauto where I went and saw this batter “AutoCraft Platinum AGM Battery, Group Size H8, 900 CCA”.

This battery “AutoCraft Platinum AGM Battery, Group Size H8, 900 CCA” seems to be big, meaning chances are it will hold lots of power, and it’s AGM which is a bit different from the regular acid including SLA, AGM appears to be better, it will take deep cycle charge to full, but I don’t know how long it will last, however the good news is, there is a 3 years replacement just in case your AGM battery go bad before 3 years, get it replaced, however make sure the defect is manufactured related not your fault basically, if you damaged your battery they will know and you will probably not going to get a replacement