Facebook live stream killing of 49 people should we ban facebook? reason why Bitcoin is here to stay.

So in the past, and even today, Bitcoin was banned in many nations all over the world because it was use for terrorist activities. Today in the news, someone killed 49 people live stream on facebook should we ban facebook?

The answer is “no”. Definitely not. Neither does facebook will get banned or bitcoin. The reason is simple, you cannot ban something because it killed. If a snake bitten a person and the person died as a result, so then we ban all snake? If a car hit and kill someone, do we ban all cars? If someone trip over the sidewalk and hit oncoming car and killed, do we ban the sidewalk? you get the point. There are certainly many things in this world cannot be banned because rare incident that may occurred. Sure if it occurred too often and no fix was put in place then yes ban it.

Looking at Bitcoin cryptocurrencies was founded back in 2009, about 10 years ago. Sure there were scam, there were terrorist using it, there were failure, and up to today it still exist and still have trouble. However it is still being use for the good more than bad. People are using it for store of value, for investment, for spending and many more. On top of that, Bitcoin have more and more developers working on it as time goes by, not just Bitcoin alone, but the technology of Bitcoin blockchain alone will sure interest business in the coming future.