Something wrong with Ethereum mining and transactions fees, story about $300000 block

Well it’s been a couple days or so in regard to the news about one of the mining pool for Ethereum received $300000 block reward. The pool whom got it must be happy, yes? NO, unfortunately there has been talk to freeze that reward of $300000 according to this news: Ethereum Mining Pool to Freeze Mysterious $300,000 Mined Block Reward

Then we have this news here: Insanity: Ethereum Wallet Pays Nearly $575,000 in Fees to Transfer $25 in ETH

What is going on? ok let’s look at the famous reddit site under sub reddit ethereum, look like there were discussion about someone transfer $14 worth of ethereum but got charge with $308k transaction fees so that’s the reward block for that pool which has been frozen for now. Anonymous User Pays $308,000 as Transaction Fees Sending $14.71 Worth Of ETH