How to claim multiple XML Stellar Lumens coins airdrop from “Don’t forget to claim your $25 of free Stellar (XLM)”

Can you claim multiple times for Stella Lumens coin xml? short answer is “NO” don’t waste your time unless you’re good with photoshop and able to edit ID card like Driver License, Passport and so on in order to match selfie picture with the ID card detail and match all the information provided then print out and hold it in front of your webcam, other than that you can mimic webcam with some program, but with all that work it doesn’t guaranteed you’re qualified to get the airdrop from However for sure you can get multiple account by using real information maybe from your family members and friends convince them to take a selfie with their ID in front of the webcam which seems next to impossible 🙂 so “NO” you cannot claim multiple times by cheating just not practical, but yes if it’s legit person.

The claim process is pretty easy. For me at least. This is what I did. I received the email for the airdrop, I clicked on the link after validating it is, login to my blockchain wallet, filled out my information for airdrop, got my driver license out and did a selfie as requested (ensure it is still website domain) allow as needed. Done, process took less than 5 minutes for $25 XML claim airdrop.

On Wednesday, February 20, 2019, 7:14:23 AM EST, Blockchain [email protected] wrote:
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We didn’t want you to miss out on free crypto!
Click on the button below to claim your $25 of XLM. Make sure you are using the latest version of our app if you are on your mobile phone.
Note you’ll be asked to complete your profile if you have not done so already. Once your profile is completed you will automatically be eligible to receive future giveaways, and access higher trading limits on Swap, our best in class trading product within the safety of your Wallet.
Your XLM will be held for one week.
Share the wealth (literally) with friends and family by letting them know about the Stellar airdrop program.
The Blockchain Team
Questions about the program?
Learn more here.
Why you need to complete your profile to claim your XLM
We require participants to complete their profile to ensure that no one is trying to claim more XLM than they are entitled to, which is one XLM distribution per person unless participating in any bonus activities. You can still use your Blockchain Wallet without completing your profile.
And because you apparently have to include the lawyers when you give away this much money….
*Offer available until XLM giveaway supply is depleted. Limit 1 XLM giveaway per person, unless participating in any bonus activities. A person can receive the XLM in only 1 Blockchain Wallet. XLM is provided on a first come first rewarded basis, with priority for those with the oldest, completed (i.e., accounts with a verified email address) Blockchain Wallets. Participants must have an eligible account, be willing to verify their identity, and reside in an eligible market or jurisdiction (see list here).
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